Community and Senior Services

Senior citizens are our most valuable human resource. Well over one million individuals 60 years of age and older live in Los Angeles County. As the baby boomer generation ages and joins these ranks, the numbers will grow even higher, increasing the demand for critical services.
To serve our senior population, Los Angeles County operates a variety of programs administered by the Area Agency on Aging (AAA).  Established in 1975 by the State of California, the AAA is a separate division within the Aging and Adult Services Branch. It is responsible for identifying unmet needs as well as planning, coordinating and implementing programs that promote the health, dignity and well-being of our older residents. The AAA contracts with 49 community agencies to deliver services that promote independent lifestyles such as senior lunch and home delivered meals, nutrition programs, care management and home based care.
For services, call (800) 510-2020.